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Why? Why? Why?

Babies crying Women laughing Old men staring at me A void in my heart Sacrosanct silence Impaled by desire Streetlights are fading “I’ll meet you in the dark.” The lady crosses the street She mutters a prayer Crows encircle The lady is dead The babies are dead The women are bald Old men call my […]

Another Night

I sing alone in my room Imagining the lost days I used to spend with friends As we drove across the freeway We used to laugh at nothing Scream at little things Never seem to care For anything that happens Isn’t it all too strange When you realize the futility Of your greatest escape From […]

Once Upon A Time

There was a playground under my bed sheets A sandbox where I shaped castles Towers and cities, and Since I was a child, This was my fortress A refuge from my parents, A safety in solitude, A world of my own. But my hands grew, molding clay under the rain, Sculpting women, heroes and static […]

That Somebody

Somebody will find you Sitting by the window, Pen at hand, Writing your secrets; Tears in your cheeks, Falling like the raindrops Etching the blur In the glass beside you, Showing glimpses Of the storm outside: Trees screaming for help, Restless winds howling, Knocking at the window, Begging you to let them in, Envious of […]

Your Altostratus

If you ever change your mind, I’ll wait here, gaze up the clouds, To watch your teardrops rain, To feel that inner pain… If you ever change your mind, I’ll sit down, hear your thunder, To catch your lighting bolt, Defibrillate within. I’ll stare at your altostratus, Thoughts gray casting shadows Only to the imaginary […]

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