Tag: mystery

Why? Why? Why?

Babies crying Women laughing Old men staring at me A void in my heart Sacrosanct silence Impaled by desire Streetlights are fading “I’ll meet you in the dark.” The lady crosses the street She mutters a prayer Crows encircle The lady is dead The babies are dead The women are bald Old men call my […]

Crumble and Fade

I’ve forgotten how it felt waking up Smiling at the wooden ceiling in my room Listening to the chirping of birds Imagining the jungle in a last night’s dream Ever since we slept in this palace Alone with shape-shifting shadows In front of the computer screen Drunk by the thought of each other For all […]

Moonlight Rebel

The charm of an unfathomable dream Captivates me Like your face in the moonlight Mysterious and blurry Through the eyes of this mirror My wrinkles wonder Searching for the soul Forsaken for the night To envelop my youth And kiss me Far beyond the salvation Of normality When the mind cannot muster Such bold words […]

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