Tag: memories

Leaving This World

Meet me when I’m walking Down my memory lane Surrounded by supercuts and music Surrounded by you. Meet me when I’m singing Alone, washing the dishes Imagining the way you ate My heart and soul. Meet me when I’m lying Under the midday sun. Crushing the grasses beneath me With the pressure in my mind. […]

Another Night

I sing alone in my room Imagining the lost days I used to spend with friends As we drove across the freeway We used to laugh at nothing Scream at little things Never seem to care For anything that happens Isn’t it all too strange When you realize the futility Of your greatest escape From […]

Crumble and Fade

I’ve forgotten how it felt waking up Smiling at the wooden ceiling in my room Listening to the chirping of birds Imagining the jungle in a last night’s dream Ever since we slept in this palace Alone with shape-shifting shadows In front of the computer screen Drunk by the thought of each other For all […]

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