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That Somebody

Somebody will find you Sitting by the window, Pen at hand, Writing your secrets; Tears in your cheeks, Falling like the raindrops Etching the blur In the glass beside you, Showing glimpses Of the storm outside: Trees screaming for help, Restless winds howling, Knocking at the window, Begging you to let them in, Envious of […]


In this monochrome house We played cards and Lego Building ourselves with the hardness They shaped her head But there is reality beyond Larger than her black-and-white paradise And when it took me by the hand I grasped it seeing beauty I’m not letting go But neither is she In this tug-of-war, my arms are […]


Why do we try holding on to words As invisible as ghosts slipping through fingers, Trying to catch the glimpse of truth, With a bleeding cup? You see, it’s been proven how Love and hate are nothing more than Nerves that explode in a rebel mind, Cells nurtured by a flesh Exposed in countless sunrise, […]

What is Iridescent Anatomies?

Iridescent Anatomies is a personal project about managing the self through writing and introspective work, and management in general as a bridge between the self and other people. As a medium for managing the self, this website is also an instrument of mine for free expression through poetry and art. Join me as I journey […]

Twilight’s Libertines

Fingernails underneath my shirt Sting like bees guarding sweet hive Barely hanging the branch of innocence I weaken your grasp with my own You penetrate my pores Seeking catharsis, you buzz In my ears your screams A duet with mine Excitement that leaves you A permanent part Of love you can’t pull Rebirth in disguise […]

Sweet Release

What could rouse my tongue more Than the roughness of yours Wet with saliva Wild as a snake While our spirits blend In a midnight cup Stirred by heartache We want to forget Alone, we’re free To release our flavors Too tasteful to share With anyone else After all After being stung more than once […]

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