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I’ve been living in an autopilot, pre-programmed by myself After waking from my escapisms, spending nights in my shelf; I’ve been walking too far, just to see I’m sleep-walking Treading the hills downward, falling, feeling nothing. Occasional adjustments, I upgrade my own systems, Before setting once again, with mechanical rhythm To the factories of babies, […]

Another Night

I sing alone in my room Imagining the lost days I used to spend with friends As we drove across the freeway We used to laugh at nothing Scream at little things Never seem to care For anything that happens Isn’t it all too strange When you realize the futility Of your greatest escape From […]


Why do we try holding on to words As invisible as ghosts slipping through fingers, Trying to catch the glimpse of truth, With a bleeding cup? You see, it’s been proven how Love and hate are nothing more than Nerves that explode in a rebel mind, Cells nurtured by a flesh Exposed in countless sunrise, […]

Sudden Disappearance

Crawling to the depths of passions, Worming their way from the surface, Their hypocrisy never fails To mark the ground with bullet holes. Shooting the corpses hiding At the safety of their coffins, At the death of anonymity, Just to be alive When the lamentation sounds like Shouts from devils Your heaven fight back With […]

Moonlight Rebel

The charm of an unfathomable dream Captivates me Like your face in the moonlight Mysterious and blurry Through the eyes of this mirror My wrinkles wonder Searching for the soul Forsaken for the night To envelop my youth And kiss me Far beyond the salvation Of normality When the mind cannot muster Such bold words […]

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