Midnight Memories

I looked past window

From the front of the bus

In the middle of the cold

In the middle of the night

Staring at nothing when

I heard that song

We used to sing

In that goddamn playlist

Which has to exist

So I gazed at the conductor

With utter disbelief

As memories flood

Jolting me from sleep

It’s funny how years

Can seem like eternity

After what seemed a lifetime

I’ve known your entirety

Now I don’t want to go down

Now I’ve heard your voice

A sound I’ve tried

So hard to block

In a fragile glass wall

Shattered by one song

So I paid extra distance

Escape for a while

The night is too deep

But so is my longing

And now with your palms

Caressing my ears

I’m not letting go

In this ride with you.