Once Upon a Dance

Never expected before

To wait on your doors

Seeing me open the world for you;

In the arms of a friend,

I sure find myself

Something more than just someone to hold;

Time ticking our lives,

We should hasten our pace

Amidst the rain,

We should run from the shades

Inhaling, exhaling,

A smoke between eyes pulling

Closely the face

We’re holding our grace

As we slowly unravel

In this empty hour

With you, my friend

Can we stop play pretend?

And release

Any doubts that possess

Souls simply

Wishing for someone to care

In the nights,

In the days,

In our eyes,

Can’t we show?

This is love,

Yes I know

Cause I can feel it too,

Your pulse singing with mine

In this downpour sonata;

Let us drench in the rain


Across the roads of flashing lights

A tale begins…