Superhumans in Armageddon

How much would it take

To weave the fibers of my thoughts

Into reality?

My seared skin soaked

In blood and sweat

Hanging like steel strips

In my arms

Is not enough


Without replacing my heart

With the cold orb

Of an everlasting robot

In this modern era

Where the slow extincts

With their wishful thinking

Where people too ambitious

Drag everyone to the hell

They create for themselves

To transcend their limits

These superhumans

After reaching the pinnacle of childish thoughts

Imagine breaking through the absurdities

Adults conspired to make

Blessings in disguise

Disguised too well for its own good

To be broken over and over

Over piles of forgotten thoughts

Building this babylon

Of ambitious men who ask

“How much would it take

To make these dreams last?”

In endless heights

Of sky-like desires

The youth always win,

My superhuman.

In this glorious path

Of lonely men

Naive and strong

Who play pretend

Reaching for something that’s never there

Without remorse to collateral damage

The purest of creatures

In the survival of the fittest

We’re superhumans