Lucifer’s Ascension

Inhaling atmosphere of world beyond yours

You flap your feathers in the toxic

Trying to reach the edge of an earth

Their perfect words can never reach

Leaping up, taking charge of the winds

Across the silence of the morning gale

You don’t look the same angel of a paradise regained

With your skeletons and black wings

Tears being pulled by the gravity

You once thought can never pin you down

Now, after centuries of resistance

You’ve finally figured out

That this is life beyond the chains of family

This is truth you tested with your spunk and majesty

Slicing like a knife between the chunks of meat

Of this monster

You are Lucifer of fallen dreams

In this neverending stretch

Of a poison you got used to breathing

You wonder if it’s still the same

With a lungs of a devil and a heart of a steel

Can you say that what you thought was real?

Can you live a life that’ll never heal?

I can see you in the darkness of the clouds below

But eternity’s nearing and you’re growing old…

It is just too late.

Sorry but

You are not welcome home