I am prompted to call the cops of my city

For you breaking the protocols of arrest

I am not an outlaw, I am merely

Catching my breath, letting loose, getting rest

You provoke me, you indulge me,

You’re the source of my frenzy

Without you all around, this skin you won’t see

Let yourself play with your thoughts,

An oasis in harsh reality

The fact that the self you appreciate

Is but a sewn mask all along

I am not a sinner

But I’m not an angel either

I am what you see in the streets

Before an accident comes

I am what you hear on the radio

Before they cut the sounds

In the midnight, just as everyone snores,

I am that human who shuts the other

So don’t be surprised, as everyone has

Thoughts they can’t let others hear

I am just frank enough

To kill your make-believe, my dear.