Flight or Freeze

I’ve felt it, that cold-hearted monster lurking within

When it once took over, as selfish and capable

I now stand between man and machine

To keep or replace my heart with an engine?

To pump metal limbs to work tirelessly

Discard the recesses of human weakness

In a steady road to earthly immortality

I am hesitant, despite the lack of care

Once this devil takes over my youth

Keeping that youth forever

Must I abandon these people

To be more than ordinary?

To live beyond life, free from their shackles?

Perhaps I am thinking too hard

Perhaps the answer is in front of me

But these eyes gaze far beyond

To the limits of humanity

I should just flex my bones

So that when the time comes

I won’t have to give up the warmth for freedom

For in this short life of uncertainties

I’m sure to break down when you break at my feet.