Needless Anesthesia

I don’t know how tears would have crawled my cheeks

As I sat by the windows of a silent bus

As silent as my heart of steel

Grating with the winds of time,

When familiar songs of sadness

Whispered in my ears,

Instead of to the selves

I’ve locked behind

My bars of logic.

And I heard voices cry,

Calling for those memories

Of staring past raindrops

Into nothingness, and

Of losing bus tickets

In rides going nowhere,

Questioning if the destinations I’ve chosen

Are worth the coins in my pocket

But when knowing the roads seemed so easy it hurts

Like a knife buried in a bloodless wound, and

When I desire to be poisoned by the beauty

Of a solitude I’ve immunized myself against,

Remembering seems like

A needless anesthesia

To calm myself, when

My skin already feels

Nothing at all.