So this is what it feels like when you walk in too deep

When the gates close and you can’t get out

You are now in the prison of eternal sleep

Eyes shot open to the nightmares the world is about


I don’t want to be alone

But no one knows how it hurts

Feeling nothing at all

Again and again

(Help me.)

In seconds I want to cry

But can only glare with my dry eyes

To how things was before

Is nothing but a bag full of lies.

(Someone, please.)

I see people around me, talking

In their phones minding their own businesses

I am drowned by the crowd

A crowd of blissfully ignorant senses.

(Help me, please.)

But when I speak, you shut your ears, right?

You don’t want a psychopath but why are you doing this to me?

You think it’s funny? I’m not a zoo animal

You don’t want the monster you’re breeding inside me


I’m not threatening anyone. But please

Don’t take my warnings for granted, please

I don’t want to destroy your walls, but