Innocence Lost

I once knew of a boy

Who would always clutch

This crumpled piece of paper

Full of random scribbles

Of forgotten dreams;

He would tug my collar

Whenever he find me sitting

At the edge of an overpass

Overlooking the city

I built;

“What are you doing?”,

He would always ask me,

As tears trickle down his cheeks

While his fists tightened

In disgust;

And I would stare

At the empty air,

Paying him no heed,

Resting my palms on the asphalt,

Legs hanging in exhaustion;

“The clouds are mating,”

I would say,

“So that their kids

Would fill up this city

And play with us.”

And as droplets of water

Fall like shooting stars

Telling a wish come true

He would force a smile,

His tears camouflaging in the rain;

And we repeated this cycle,

These endless afternoons,

In a city with no people,

Only skyscrapers touching

The afterlife above;

Until one day,

He stopped coming;

My only friend,

My only companion

In this ghost town;

So I searched

The grey streets,

The dark offices,

The empty parks,

The overpass we used to meet;

And I found him

Lying near a garbage bin

In a random alley,

His thin arms cold,

His shirt, muddy;

His eyes were open,

But looking at the sky

They were empty,

Without the sparkle of tears

I used to ignore;

He forced himself

With his last breath

To tell me

One final wish:

“Be free.”