The Girl On Wildfire

The lyrical dots you drew in the skies

Reminded me of feelings undisguised

Like deep scars bleeding across the darkness

With blood-red light rays, consuming the eyes

Of teary white spheres searching, star-gazing

In stellar systems, bound by gravity

Of similar cores, deep in depression

Covered in red skin thickened by wildfires

Unfortunately twisted by the mind

Altered perception of colorblind child

Who only see through the snow-stained glasses

Of attic windows in a wintry night

Off the mark etching wrong constellations

With naive fingers of innocent hand

Not knowing how good that feeling could be

As she burns brightly with the warmth of life

Blue supernova embracing darkness

With own explosion of a wild spirit

Hotter than past hell, so brave and reckless

Dancing with the fires that once made her cry.