Ballad of the Butterfly

Eyes gazing up, index finger in my chin

Baffled myself, thinking “Where do I begin?”

As I lay there, curled up on my couch cocoon

Caterpillar, not morphing anytime soon

So I hung there, bare to gusts, cold and torrents

Beneath this leaf, my walls almost unraveled

Barely moving, my lazy limbs can only

Pray to my silk, as I dream colors and wings

Fragile inside, even to crawl to escape

Is suicide, these fibers whisper to me

Heed these wise words, these gray hairs tell me once more

Or we’ll be sad, never to hold you again

But persistent, I carved my growing body

Against their webs, a prey of their spider thoughts

Sapped nutrients, an ungrateful parasite

To gain glory, to brave the unknown outside

Till I was free, a fully grown butterfly

Unrestricted, I flew with my newfound wings

Seeing flowers, these wonders kept from my eyes

Turned with disgust, I escaped my silk prison

Like a dancer, I waltzed nectar to nectar

Sipping sweetness, I was beauty in delight

No looking back, an Icarus to the sun

My wits left me, to feel as much as I can

And days past,  after hundreds of petals

In paradise, with my fellow butterflies

Drunken stupor, I tripped in a spider web

Trapped once again, like in that shelter of lies

But comfort’s past, and faced with a certain death

I dreamed of house, that white, prison-like cocoon

Spiders nearby, useless beauty only hopes

In second life, never to leave home again.