Once Upon A Time

There was a playground under my bed sheets

A sandbox where I shaped castles

Towers and cities, and

Since I was a child,

This was my fortress

A refuge from my parents,

A safety in solitude,

A world of my own.

But my hands grew, molding clay under the rain,

Sculpting women, heroes and static selves

Keeping me company

In cold, broken nights;

Imageries of citizens in an altered reality,

A shelter of warmth

From torrents of


And hate

And that place I called my own

Has felt dried teardrops,

Heard muffled screams,

Seen dreams get broken

For all this reality

Has to offer me;

In this life, it seemed

My only escape.

Until the immortal statues

Decayed like corpses

Shattered like glass, and I found

The fingers of fabric cannot catch my shards anymore,

The warmth of cotton cannot dry my tears anymore,

And the thickness cannot silence my shouts anymore,

When I witnessed the breaking

Of an unbreakable paradise

Forcing me to spread my wings

And escape from escape

Is the time I bade

My blanket and pillows

“Thank you”,

As I wake myself up.