Mass Depreciation

My eyes can only look so far

Maybe not enough to see through your heads

But my fingers grasping my heart

Can tell its yearning,

In a body sworn to fight

And to be fought for, protected

Urging vessels in flesh

Beating at the same body, we are

Fragile hearts feeling

The pains of the skin

The numbness of limbs

When the blood we pump so tirelessly

Leaks out of the body

When the clearness of sweat

Mirrors fire inside

We hope not be drenched

As we drown in this ocean

Of money and violence

Hatred and vengeance.

Is it too much to ask

For waterproof jacket

Amidst a world stormed daily

A boat barely afloat?

Is it too much to hope

For a stretch of  hand

To reach as we sink

After paddling too much?

They can never speak worse

As another heart beating

We’re just citizens seeking

For something deserved

You say it’s for our sake

But you can’t live without

These slaves you bought for

A thousand pesos.