Inner Canine

What must he be thinking, alone and chained

Bloodshot eyes gazing beyond the steel bars

Of a cage littered

By feces and dried urine?

Have you ever wondered how it feels

Feeling no self-pity,

Tamed to serve, nothing more

Than a machine that barks

Brainwashed to protect a total stranger

At the minimum wage of a pat in the head?

How his heart must have swollen beyond words

At the thought of being kept alive

Until of no further use

And to follow one’s urges and impulse

Is subject to whips

Violating no rights?

At the refuge of ignorance

You can’t even question

The survival of the fittest

And how you’re just a trash

An expendable safety precaution?

As you feel something crawling

Beneath those furs of youth

Can you still hope for water

A kind master washing your back?

When you thirst and hunger,

Can you still wait patiently

For the master to feel like feeding you

Even for once in a day?

When short life is at its twilight

As butchers sharpen their blades

To serve you

For an incoming birthday,

Can you still hope for afterlife

In a heaven of a merciful God?

Not too merciful to vanquish

Any hope of vengeance against his people?

If reincarnation is true, then

I don’t want to be man’s best friend

For to be so close to those demons

Is an undeserved hell.

Call me gutless, call me pathetic

Tell me, “It’s just the way things are”

It’s so easy for lucky hypocrites

To speak and take things for granted



When standing safe

On the other side of the fence!