A Mask That Please

You must be someone who lingers in space

Intertwining with time and luck

Keeping youth like keeping a soul

Away from a corpse after death

Locked in a heaven of self-righteousness

Or hell in a yielding to the unknown

Yet life isn’t a simple monochrome

Asserting one’s colors, surviving alone

Sometimes I find myself an actor

A character in a theater play

Having to please by keeping eyes

Glued to colors that complement

Speaking when possible, keeping the spotlight

Focused on me, living a lie

Keeping a youth that looks like youth

Rebirth in myself, I constantly die

This isn’t identity attempting suicide

It is just me breaking my shell

For all the clamor I need to survive

This is a world we should satisfy

Though of course, for all the awards I take no credit

For deep inside, though staying relevant

My soul is constantly yearning control

To adapt without losing my mind

You can say I am weak, weaker than earth

Yielding to rules, maintaining myself

But you never know what lies beneath

There is a man behind a mask that please.