Mister Greed

In this alley as narrow as my littered mind

Dim-lit by gold bars pocketed as I find

Clouded like the heavens barely mirrored below

As I splashed through puddles another millionth time

I dig in this goldmine at every step I take

Then moments admiring the jewels I grab

Until worth fades away, baring beauty so fake

The same gold-dust sprinkled, a flickering light bulb.

A crown-crafted barbed-wire, a centipede bracelet

A coin-like stone, I picked-up everything

Painted by the darkness in glittering sand

I stole these shining trash as much as I can

And every now and then, as an art connoisseur

I exhibit them all in my gallery

For fellow collectors of the most refined tastes

To worship me further in this reality

Where my wristwatches tick much slower than theirs

While skin wrinkles faster up my wandering eyes

Did I bargain my youth for these scraps of paper?

But my brainless treasures only tell otherwise

So I continue on, in this race of mankind

In search for that something my eyes can never find

To cure this hunger I can’t fulfill all the time

As long as I wander in this labyrinth mind.