Crumble and Fade

I’ve forgotten how it felt waking up

Smiling at the wooden ceiling in my room

Listening to the chirping of birds

Imagining the jungle in a last night’s dream

Ever since we slept in this palace

Alone with shape-shifting shadows

In front of the computer screen

Drunk by the thought of each other

For all the clacking of letters

As our thoughts materialize

We pierce the silence in between

With bittersweet lies

And we relish, at the freedom and guilt

Of our black paradise

Our fingers dancing at the beat of our haste

Leaving no room for hesitation

But we know, for all the fire

We would wake up empty

Memories as blurry as our reflection in this ice wall

Separating fiction and reality

It’s bravado clad with mystery

Sugarcoated with a tongue used to tasting

The deceit of this world we’re living in

As innocence fades away, permanently.