Your Altostratus

If you ever change your mind,

I’ll wait here, gaze up the clouds,

To watch your teardrops rain,

To feel that inner pain…

If you ever change your mind,

I’ll sit down, hear your thunder,

To catch your lighting bolt,

Defibrillate within.

I’ll stare at your altostratus,

Thoughts gray casting shadows

Only to the imaginary

But not me. I’m still waiting…

Speak to me standing

At the end of the cliff;

Whisper your problems

Through gusts in my skin;

Your skies may be too far

From tips of my emotions,

But I am at the mercy

Of your devastation.

So drench me, excite me,

At the torrent of your frenzy;

I’ll be waiting for that rainbow

And sunlight above me…

And if you ever change your heart

And finally break your silence,

I’ll listen to your story,

To clear the skies again