Daylight is that hour

For me

When the world calls out

As loud as it can

In every single way.

Now I am here

In my abode

Under stars and slow poison

Just to live, and I realize that

Liberty paid isn’t liberty at all


I had to fool myself

over and over

over this world of ours.

You should know, by now,

That you don’t complain

As much as I do;

At least,

You keep on living;

After all,

This is what living is about,

Not the one

In my dreams

or in your poems of love and being happy.


We are gonna stand at the end of the world,

Would you still hold my hand,

Take a leap of faith?

We are too old,

And I am getting ahead of myself;

There is one thing I am sure though;

I want you

to not

forget me.

I may love you,


who knows?