Category: Erstwhile Voices Chapter 2: Helplessly Watching the Narcissus Wither

Crumble and Fade

I’ve forgotten how it felt waking up Smiling at the wooden ceiling in my room Listening to the chirping of birds Imagining the jungle in a last night’s dream Ever since we slept in this palace Alone with shape-shifting shadows In front of the computer screen Drunk by the thought of each other For all […]

Your Altostratus

If you ever change your mind, I’ll wait here, gaze up the clouds, To watch your teardrops rain, To feel that inner pain… If you ever change your mind, I’ll sit down, hear your thunder, To catch your lighting bolt, Defibrillate within. I’ll stare at your altostratus, Thoughts gray casting shadows Only to the imaginary […]

Ink and Syringe

Between mind and money Tempered by pen and paper I inject my hourly dose Of coffee and silence An addiction drugged By piles of work In a world demanding Less sleep from me In daylight windows Of bus travels I quick shot deep within To ease the pain Of restlessness In the face of unwanted […]

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