Category: Erstwhile Voices Chapter 5: But There is Silence Somewhere Haunted

Why? Why? Why?

Babies crying Women laughing Old men staring at me A void in my heart Sacrosanct silence Impaled by desire Streetlights are fading “I’ll meet you in the dark.” The lady crosses the street She mutters a prayer Crows encircle The lady is dead The babies are dead The women are bald Old men call my […]

Aftertaste of Silence

I feel its legs crawl up to my spine Jamming the signals, blurring my head With question marks stinging an innocent neck Gulping intentions with doubtful distaste So this is how time, with all its travesty, Injects me with poisonous anxiety; Drenching my skin, soaking my shirt I am sinking too deep in my ocean […]

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