Tag: soul

Desperately Leashed

Something stirs beneath these smiles Blending my gut and heart A rebel seeking to overthrow my balance Bringing chaos in my city Peeking at the future I see the warnings of past Peeling my skin Exposing the soul This impatience Keeps lingering inside Stealing the moment with an aftertaste Of misplaced desires.

Leaving This World

Meet me when I’m walking Down my memory lane Surrounded by supercuts and music Surrounded by you. Meet me when I’m singing Alone, washing the dishes Imagining the way you ate My heart and soul. Meet me when I’m lying Under the midday sun. Crushing the grasses beneath me With the pressure in my mind. […]

A Mask That Please

You must be someone who lingers in space Intertwining with time and luck Keeping youth like keeping a soul Away from a corpse after death Locked in a heaven of self-righteousness Or hell in a yielding to the unknown Yet life isn’t a simple monochrome Asserting one’s colors, surviving alone Sometimes I find myself an […]

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