Tag: pain

Past the Prison Gates

One, two, gasping for air each count Three, four, losing my strength Five seconds more in this quicksand Devoured in earthly pain, After years of wandering, on my own I was a free man, all alone; In my wilderness, there was nothing to hurt me But the harsh nature of my own mind. It was […]


My fibers intertwine with aquatic muscles Of depths as dark and cold as my heart, Bathing in a monster’s saliva In a throat craving for flesh; Sliding down the stomach acids, Brain cells fuse with melting heart, Eyes shattering to million molecules Dispersing in his veins; I am soaked in blood drifting In bloodstreams with […]


In this monochrome house We played cards and Lego Building ourselves with the hardness They shaped her head But there is reality beyond Larger than her black-and-white paradise And when it took me by the hand I grasped it seeing beauty I’m not letting go But neither is she In this tug-of-war, my arms are […]

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