Moonlight Rebel

The charm of an unfathomable dream Captivates me Like your face in the moonlight Mysterious and blurry Through the eyes of this mirror My wrinkles wonder Searching for the soul Forsaken for the night To envelop my youth And kiss me Far beyond the salvation Of normality When the mind cannot muster Such bold words […]

Twilight’s Libertines

Fingernails underneath my shirt Sting like bees guarding sweet hive Barely hanging the branch of innocence I weaken your grasp with my own You penetrate my pores Seeking catharsis, you buzz In my ears your screams A duet with mine Excitement that leaves you A permanent part Of love you can’t pull Rebirth in disguise […]

Sweet Release

What could rouse my tongue more Than the roughness of yours Wet with saliva Wild as a snake While our spirits blend In a midnight cup Stirred by heartache We want to forget Alone, we’re free To release our flavors Too tasteful to share With anyone else After all After being stung more than once […]

Serenity Call

I am actually under the delusion That you are Anonymous That hood in the corner seat For whatever coffee in my shop Taking breaks from work A bus to Memory Lane If so then perhaps You’ve tasted how bitter That latte I made Or how creepily sweet That honeyed cappuccino Or how salty that espresso […]

Lacrimosa of the Morn

As I let my fingers play this keyboard in impromptu To hail the dawn of marching light In this misty balcony, I feel A musician of silence A release before a day of a soldier No stranger, labeled Put inside a steel cage A hamster in a wheel A cog in a machine, a string […]

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