a fool in a nameless city

A self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

Once upon a time, there lived a fool in a nameless city. It was a lively city, full of towering skyscrapers, heavy traffic and vibrant night life. But everyone in the nameless city doesn’t have a name. He himself was a nameless fool.

So the fool left the city to visit a stranger he met online. His name is Solitude, and he promised to give the fool his own name. In exchange, Solitude took away all of his time.

But time is the currency of these nameless people, and the fool needed time in order to buy food, and everything else in order to survive. And since he was now penniless, the fool had no choice but to walk back to the city, roam the streets and beg for money.

Most of the nameless passersby ignored him. However, there were kindhearted people who gave him coins. Slowly but surely, the fool with a name was able to save up enough money to travel to the city of people with names. Or so he thought.

Unfortunately for him, the bus fee wasn’t actually just time – it was also the wisdom of the world. And so, the bus driver could only drive him to the city circus.

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

The circus was filled with nameless people. They played with nameless lions, nameless elephants and nameless birds. The nameless acrobats swing through burning hoops and the nameless people clapped their hands.

Realizing that he needed more than just beg for time, the fool decided to work as a circus performer. He became a masked clown, concealing his name and making nameless people laugh.

In the end, the fool has yet to earn enough time and wisdom to afford the bus to the city of named people. But he is developing his craft, and by acting like a fool, the fool hopes to save enough money to leave the nameless city.

The end.

I am a blogger, poet, artist and an aspiring novelist. Through Iridescent Anatomies, I advocate for idea journaling, therapeutic writing and other introspective work.

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